Case Study

C-PACE: Multi-tenant office

Located in Rockville MD, this 100,000 square foot office building used C-PACE financing to replace end-of-life infrastructure while adding solar power. 


Property Owner: Rock Grove Associates
Measures: 75kW solar, HVAC and lighting fixtures
Capital Provider:

C-PACE financing supported energy-saving upgrades benefiting all tenants and the public spaces of this 38-year old building.  Improvements included building automation, HVAC and LED lighting. The office building is expected to save $362,000 in its first year, and more than $5 million in energy expenses over the life of the equipment. 

Primary Benefits

  • Increased tenant comfort
  • Decreased maintenance and operating expenses
  • Lifetime projected savings of $5.08M
  • In May 2018, the building received a 2017 Energy Star certification


Recurrent LLC is a Rockville Maryland based C-PACE program contractor who has completed hundreds of projects since its founding in 2013.

“The C-PACE program facilitates an immediate investment in infrastructure that adds value to the property, attracts tenants and improves the community through energy saving measures.”

Bob Eisinger

Managing Partner, Rock Grove Associates LTD Partnership