Program Resources

The resources below represent the core documents of the Montgomery County C-PACE program. Click on each document title to access the file.

C-PACE Overview Brochure

This brochure provides an overview of the C-PACE Program and key benefits to property owners. Contractors may download and use this brochure as a sales tool.


Program Guidelines

The Program Guidelines provide a detailed overview of the C-PACE Program including key benefits for program participants, a full list of statutory and programmatic requirements for property owners and projects, an overview of program fees, and copies of all County-approved application forms that must be used under the Program.


Contractor Registration Form

Contractors are invited to become registered participants of the Montgomery County C-PACE program. By registering with the C-PACE program, contractors will receive information about the program and appear on the C-PACE website. Contractor should use this form to register.


Capital Provider Intent Form

Capital providers do not need to register to provide C-PACE financing in Montgomery County. However, if you wish to be listed as an active provider of C-PACE funding on the Montgomery County C-PACE website, please complete and return this form.

Project Approval Checklist

Applicants for C-PACE must submit a package of documents to the Program Manager for each eligible project seeking C-PACE financing in order to seek approval. The Project Approval Checklist is a summary of those required documents, which may also be downloaded using the links below.


Mortgage Holder Consent Form

Maryland law requires that any existing mortgage holder(s) of any mortgage(s) on the property on which the eligible project is located must consent to the placement of a C-PACE Assessment Surcharge on the property. This document is the required form for mortgage holder consent that all program participants must use.


Disclosure of Risk Form

This form summarizes the risks to property owners utilizing C-PACE financing, and may be modified from time to time by Program Manager pending approval from Montgomery County. All applications submitted to the Program Manager must include a copy of this form signed and dated by the real owner of the property.


Acknowledgement of C-PACE Program Project Approval

If a C-PACE application meets all requirements of the C-PACE Program, the Program Manager will request the acknowledgement of the C-PACE project from the County. The property owner will receive an approval letter from the Program Manager for their application with a copy of this Acknowledgement of C-PACE Program Project Approval form signed by the County.


Notice and Confirmation of Surcharge

Upon receipt of a completion certificate from the property owner, the Program Manager will notify the County that a project has been completed. The County will return this Notice and Confirmation of Surcharge form to acknowledge the payment schedule for the C-PACE Surcharge for the benefit of the Program Manager, the property owner, and the County Designated Lender or other private lender.


Standard Offer

If a property owner is using a lender other than the County Designated Lender, that lender must review and execute the Standard Offer for Origination, Funding, and Administration of C-PACE Financing Transactions with the Program Manager. This document describes the steps the lender should complete prior to submission of a completed application to the Program Manager as well as the Program Manager’s responsibilities toward lenders under the program.


Maryland C-PACE Statute

C-PACE was enabled in Maryland through the passage of Senate Bill 186 in 2014.


Montgomery County C-PACE Ordinance

C-PACE was adopted in Montgomery County through the passage of Montgomery County Bill 6-15 which is codified in Section 18A-33 et. Seq. of the Montgomery County Code.


Montgomery County C-PACE Amendment 1

Effective 2016, this Montgomery County bill amends Sections 18A-33, 18A-34, and 18A-35 of the Montgomery County C-PACE ordinance.


Montgomery County C-PACE Amendment 2

Effective 2018, this Montgomery County bill amends Section 18A-36 of the Montgomery County C-PACE ordinance.

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